Services available for

    • Safes (High security and Residential)
    • Vaults
    • Time locks
    • Safe Deposit Boxes
    • ATM’s (Automated Teller Machines)
    • Night Deposits
    • Secure file cabinets

Special Services Available

We are available to provide our service to just about anywhere in the world you could drive, fly or sail to. If you are struggling to find local service company then give use a call. We closely work with an extensive network of Safe and Vault technicians throughout North America and beyond. In the event that no one is available we could easily arrange to travel to your location to resolve your issue. Call or email today to find out how we can help.


Ask yourself

  • Has your home or business safe suddenly stopped working?
  • Has your safe become harder to use over the years?
  • Do you have a locked safe that needs to be opened?
  • Do you have a safe that needs to be moved?
  • Would you like to change the combination on your existing safe?
  • Would you like to upgrade from a mechanical lock (spin dial type) to an electronic lock

Have you just been burgled?


We offer a specialized service that includes:

  • Opening your damaged safe so that you may retrieve and verify contents
  • Repair damages and replace locks
  • Remove badly damaged safes off site
  • Supply replacement Safes

Below is a list of safes we specialize in.

A&B, Access, Ahern, Allied-Gary, Alpine, ALS safes, American, American Security Products, Amsec, Armor, Atlas, Auditcon, Baum, Bernadini, Bischoff, Bode-Panzer, Brown, Canadian Safe Manufacturers (CSM), Cannon, Cary, Cencon, City Safe, Chatwood-Milner, Chubb, CMT (Chubb Mosler Taylor), Collier, Cross, Corporate Security Systems (CSS), Datagaurd, De La Rue, Diebold, Dominion, Duravault, Drummond, Eclipse, Emo, Empire, Eurovault, EXL, Fichet-Bauche, FireFyter, FireKing, FKI, Fujitsu, Gardall, Gary, Giant, GlobaLoks, Graffunder, Granite, Gardex, Hamilton, Hayman, Heritage, Hermann, Herring-Hall-Marvin, Ilco-Unican, Independent, Inkas, International, Intersec, ISM, Invincible, JJ Taylor, John Tann, Johnson-Pacific, Kaba, Kaba-Mas, Kaso, Knight, Lagard, Lefebure, Liberty, Lord, LP Locks, Major, Mancini, Mas-Hamilton, McGunn, Meilink, MGM, Modul-X, Montgomery-Ward, Mosler, Mutual, National, NCR, NKL, NL Locks, Overly, Pacific, Pacific Security Products, Phoenix, Protectall, PSP, Remington-Rand, Remington & Sherman, Rhino, Rosengrens, S&G, Sargent & Greenleaf, Schwab, Sears, Securex, Securifort, Sentry, SLS, Sportsman Steel, Star, Sturdy Safe, Tann, Tower, Tranax, Triton, US Security, Vector, Victor, Visalia, Waltz, Western Tool & Die, Wincor-Nixdorf, and many, many others.